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QalifSolutions provides a complete product line, easy to integrate and user friendly for an optimal result.

The All-In-One tool that you need to calibrate and check the best quality in theaters, festivals and video walls.

Cinema usage designed spectro! Integrated touch screen monitor, Laser projections compatible, internal battery…

Best in class automate for auditoriums! With active calibrations (lamp power and focus), and Dolby Atmos support!

Entry level, low cost light and sound sensor, API compatible with our other high-end tools for quick upgrades!

The best multi-projector alignment tool. Can be easily upgraded with some functionalities or in a full Qalif Ultimate.

Pro AV / Post / Vision family

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Our story

Say something important about Qalif Solutions

Founded late 2012 by a Team of Digital-Cinema pioneers in Europe from Doremi Technologies (Acquired by Dolby late 2014), Qalif Solutions (QS) has developped an innovative and patented family of solutions to automatically measure, calibrate & supervise digital cinema projection at the current age, where no projectionnists are any more able to check the image quality & the sound rendering into the cinemas.

Seeking for a better audience experience both visual (2D/3D) and sound, Qalif Solutions Team has developped a family of five different products able to operate from entry range screens up to Premium Large Format screens (PLF), either 2D or 3D, such as we found on market now; Qalif Solutions is becoming the Digital Projectionnist of the digital cinema age, insuring daily optimised operation, while alerting in real time on any field issue, so the maintenance team can quickly fix, knowing the detailed problem in advance of the field visit.

Coupled with ActiveServices cloud back-office, available as a subscription model, the exhibitors and installers are able to get access to daily reports by screen, by site, by network, in order to compile comprehensive scoreboard of their theaters operations and accurately follow their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Since March 2016, Qalif Solutions family of products are worldwide marketed and supported by the world screen leader Harkness Screens as the base of their Curolux family of solutions for cinemas. In partnership​ with Harkness Screens, Qalif Solutions are expanding their rollout in Europe, North America, Central & Latin America, Middle East, Asia at the best exhibitor networks.


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