29 mai 2018

Privacy policy

GDPR declaration to acknowledge

Because you registered your member account in an EU member country, the information that you provide to us as a member is safeguarded under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is to be enforced in May 2018.
To protect your rights as a member of our services, you must agree to our Privacy Policy in order to proceed visiting this website as a member.

Please scroll down to the bottom to read the full statement of our Privacy Policy. Afterwards, please decide whether to accept the policy by clicking on one of the buttons in the banner.

Thank you for visiting qalif solutions (hereinafter referred to as "the website"). The website, owned and operated by qalif solutions sas (hereinafter referred to as "QS"), will collect, handle, and use private user data in accordance with the personal information protection law (hereinafter "personal information law") and the website's privacy policy. The website aims to respect and protect all users' online privacy rights. In order to understand as well as protect your rights, please read the following terms carefully:

1. Privacy policy coverage

1.1. The policy covers the handling of the private information each user shares with QS while visiting our websites. If a different private policy has been refered to for specific QS websites and services, that policy will replace or supplement the privacy policy mentioned in this document. This policy also covers individuals legally residing in or organizations legally based in member countries of the european union (EU) and are subjected to EU general data protection regulation (gdpr) with regard to provision of services and personal data protection.

1.2. This policy is not applicable to either companies other than QS and its subsidiaries or personnel not employed or authorized by QS and its subsidiaries.

1.3. Before deciding to use any of the services provided by the website (hereinafter "services"), please make sure to read and understand the entire agreement.

1.4. The website may change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. You will be responsible for regularly checking this area and for reviewing any such changes. By using the website after any such changes take place, you signify your acceptance of the change(s) and your agreement to be bound by them.

2. Information collection and usage

2.1 the website will collect and use user information for purposes such as marketing, consumer protection, consumer/client management, e-commerce services, financial accounting, contractual matters, research analysis, and data processing. When required by law, the website may also provide personal information to non-government agencies.

2.2. The website may collect users' information when the user registers with, browses, accesses services provided by, or participates in ad or promotional campaign initiated by the website. The website may also obtain the same personal information from its business partners.

2.3. At the point of registration, the website requests for personal information, such as name, e-mail address, and other related materials for user identification purposes. The website only provides the accesses and services to users upon successful registrations.

2.4. The website collects transaction data between you and QS and from relevant business partners. These include specific products and services that are directly obtained from the website.

2.5. The website automatically collects certain information from your web browser regarding your use of the website. Examples of information collected from users include the internet protocol ("ip") address, information in the website's cookie, and the contents you viewed or searched for on the website.

2.6. The website will use the collected information for the following purposes, including: improvements to advertising and web contents; responses to users' requests and notifications to users on new services, activities and products.

2.7. The website will respect all users' personal information rights, follow the privacy policy guidelines when collecting, processing, and utilizing personal data, and adopt proper security measures to ensure that all users' information are kept safely. The website will not sell collected user data to any third party, and strictly forbids all employees from making personal use of such information. To protect all data collected from clients, the website will only provide and use information when authorized to do so, and will keep proper records of all such activities.

3. Information sharing and disclosure

The website will not disclose or share any personal information except per special request or when permission is received from the user. Other exceptions include:

A. When we are requested to comply with government laws, regulations, legal procedures, and orders which are aimed at protecting public interests, assets, and safety;

B. When we respond to subpoenas, court orders, and legal processes, or acquire and exercise our legal rights. Should any dispute arise between the user and the website, the users agree that the Grasse district court of France will be the jurisdictional court of the first instance;

C. When investigating illegal activities, acts of fraud, matters concerning personal safety. Or violations of the websites terms and conditions;

D. When parts or all of the website's business has merged with or is acquired by a different company, at which point the website will notify users of when their information is being transferred and whether a new privacy policy will take effect.

4. Your rights to your personal information

In accordance with article 3 of the personal information protection law, you will have the option to exercise the following rights with regard to the personal information shared with the website:

A. Make inquiries and request for a review or duplication of the personal data. The website may charge necessary fees for any costs incurred from such procedures;

B. Request the website to supplement or modify your personal information. For such a request, you may be asked to provide a proper explanation, as required by law;

C. Request the website to delete or discontinue the collection, handling, or utilization of all personal user information;

D. In a manner compliant with the law, the website reserves the right to not follow or grant any of the aforementioned requests.

5. Cookies

5.1. The website will store as well as access its own cookies on all users' computers.

5.2. Companies that have advertisements displayed on the website will store and use cookies in accordance with their own privacy policies. Advertisers and third party companies will not
Be permitted to access or use cookies owned by the website.

5.3. The website will use beacons in conjunction with cookies as a means to evaluate its own product and service performances.

6. Data protection

A. To prevent unauthorized parties from accessing, modifying, or leaking personal user data, the website will take steps to implement proper safety measures. The data searched and recorded on the website and the appropriate safety measures chosen will all be reviewed carefully. Considering how the safety of transmitting data on the internet can never be guaranteed completely, users should keep in mind all possible risks associated with online data transfers and take responsibility for any information shared with or obtained from the website.

B. This website will notify you on matters related to your personal data by email, or QS corp. will notify you by other means (such as via telephone). Clients are fully responsible for providing an updated, valid, and deliverable email address that can receive notification emails from QS corp.

7. Right of access, rectification, being forgotten, restriction, portability, objection, and etc. related to user account data

Except as otherwise expressly provided by GDPR or ordered by the laws of a competent jurisdiction, clients can use customer emailservicegdpr@qalifsolutions.Com to contact this website to exercise their rights pertaining to their account user names, account user data, session cookies, and other forms of account data records. These rights include right to access, right to rectification, right to be forgotten/data erasure, right to restriction of processing, right of data portability, right to object, and etc. To exercise these rights, a client must include legally valid and verifiable proofs of personal identification along with his/her request. Furthermore, the client issuing the request to exercise these rights must have fulfilled various legal obligations on his/her part beforehand. Afterwards, QS will fulfill the clients’ request/provide resolutions within reasonable time and effort.

8. Personal information protection

Be sure to protect all passwords and personal information, refrain from disclosing private user information to any third party, and register with the website upon completing all necessary membership procedures. When using a shared or public computer, please make sure to properly close all relevant browsers to prevent others from reading your personal e-mails or information.

9. Contact method

Should you have any questions or suggestions about this agreement or the website, please contact us at our customer service email.

10. QS corp. reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, update, and interpret this agreement at any time.

11. This statement is published on may 25, 2018 with immediate effect.