5 avril 2018


The measurement and calibration tools dedicated for Cinema and Audiovisual


“The Qalif product line has emerged to fill an obvious gap within measuring equipments able to meet with all the stringent Cinema requirements. A range of tools dedicated to Cinema people, made by Cinema people.
Our goal is to advance further within problem detection, resolution and to support the staff who strives everyday to maintain the highest level of perfection of the Cinema experience.” – Jérôme Libert


Jérôme Libert

Vice-President & CTO

Key points


  • Adapted to the Cinema market
  • Full sequence of products from Integrators to Exhibitors
  • Fast measurement and reporting
  • Active quality calibration (MCGD, Focus, Dual projector alignment…)
  • Integrated in Digital Cinema workflow
  • Embedded API for external software integration
  • Easy cinema standard acceptance reporting

Product line


The All-In-One tool that you need to calibrate and check the best quality in theaters, festivals and video walls.

Cinema usage designed spectro! Integrated touch screen monitor, Laser projections compatible, internal battery…

Best in class automate for auditoriums! With active calibrations (lamp power and focus), and Dolby Atmos support!

Entry level, low cost light and sound sensor, API compatible with our other high-end tools for quick upgrades!

The best multi-projector alignment tool. Can be easily upgraded with some functionalities or in a full Qalif Ultimate.

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